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Give LPA Now a call and we’ll go through what's needed and what you want to set out in your Lasting Power of Attorney documents. We'll discuss and resolve any issues that may arise. You will benefit from our experienced adviser's knowledge of these documents and avoid common mistakes that can cost money to rectify.

If you don’t have all the necessary information to hand, we’ll let you know what’s needed then arrange to call you back. Once the full information is to hand we draft the legal documents for you. Then we post them to you with clear instructions on how to sign the forms, who must sign and in what order dates must be recorded.

Finally, you send the documents off to the Office of the Public Guardian to be registered in the envelope provided. The Lasting Power of Attorney is not valid until registration is complete.

Costs For Postal Service LPAs



We’ll make an LPA for Financial Decisions or Health and Welfare Decisions.

Both LPAs


We’ll make an LPA for both Financial Decisions and Health and Welfare Decisions.

Mirror LPA


Financial & Property Decisions and Health & Welfare LPAs for both partners are created together.

In addition, the OPG charge a fee of £82 to register each LPA. You may qualify for a remission or exemption of this fee depending on your circumstances.

Making A Lasting Power of Attorney with phone support from an experienced adviser

Our phone supported LPA document creation service is an effective and economical way to ensure that you get these legal forms filled in correctly. Our team are well versed in the requirements of the Office of Public Guardian, which is very strict about the accuracy of Lasting Power of Attorney documentation.

If you are the donor, it is wise to conduct this process long before you start to lose mental capacity. Ideally you will have discussed with the appropriate family members or friends, who will act for you. Roles that you need to consider are:

  • The attorneys: the people who you want to carry out your instructions when you are no longer able to act for yourself.
  • The witnesses: need to be people that you can rely on to witness your attorneys' and your own signing of the documents.
  • The Certificate Provider: This will be a third party whose responsibility is to ensure that you (the donor) are not being pressured into making the LPA and that you are able to understand what you are doing.

The beauty of this service is that it has steered many people away from submitting incorrect documents to register a Lasting Power of Attorney. The LPA forms can appear daunting to complete and there are several pitfalls that we can help you avoid by guiding you through the process.

During the information gathering phone call, we will record the details that are needed to complete the forms. Our questions will help you to ensure that your wishes are clear for your chosen attorneys. It's important to remember that you are asking these people to take important decisions on your behalf at some indeterminate time in the future.

The requirements for property and financial affairs can be very different to a health and welfare LPA. In all cases, the attorneys are obliged to act in your best interests for your personal welfare and to follow your instructions as closely as possible.

We complete the forms on your behalf and check them carefully to ensure that no essential information is left out. The forms are then sent out to you to sign. We provide clear instructions about who should add their signature where. It is important that these instructions are followed precisely by all parties.

Once the signatures of the donor, the attorneys, the witnesses and the Certificate Provider are obtained, the forms can be sent into the Office of the Public Guardian for registration. The fee of £82 for each LPA is payable when they receive the forms.

By organising this process in good time, you will make your final years much more pleasant and manageable for yourself and your family. Leaving it too late can result in needing to apply to the Court of Protection which is much more expensive, time consuming and makes managing your affairs, bank accounts, medical treatment and other health and care issues more restrictive for your family or carers.

Our FAQ page contains the answers to many of the common questions we are asked about this process.

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