The Home Visit LPA Service


Our most popular service allows you to benefit from an LPA Now consultants' experience and guidance. Right from the start of the form filling process to the final signing and submission to the Office of the Public Guardian.

We will take the details we need to draft your LPAs over the phone. We complete the forms and print them for you. Then our local consultant will arrange to visit you at home to help check all the information and get them signed.

Our consultant can also act as your Certificate Provider and witness if required.

Costs For At Home LPAs



We’ll make an LPA for Financial Decisions or Health and Welfare Decisions.

Both LPAs


We’ll make an LPA for both Financial Decisions and Health and Welfare Decisions.

Mirror LPA


Financial & Property Decisions and Health & Welfare LPAs for both partners are created together.

In addition, the OPG charge a fee of £82 to register each LPA.

Lasting Powers of Attorney: A Practical Guide to Our Home Visit LPA Service

Our Hybrid Lasting Power of Attorney guidance is an economical combination of the benefits of our telephone service and the face-to-face home visit.

For donors, it is essential to have your lasting power of attorney (LPA) organised well before you begin to lose mental capacity. Our consultants have gained a lot of experience of this process and it enables them to guide you through the pitfalls of both types of LPA.

We will discuss your current situation and what you want from both your health & welfare LPA and your property & financial affairs LPA over the phone. We take down the specific details needed to draft the official paperwork to allow your preferred people to act as attorneys for you.

The documents are drawn up and sent out to our local consultant. The consultant will call you to arrange a convenient time to visit you in your home. Where practical, it is best to arrange a time when your attorneys can be present as well.

At the meeting our consultant guides you through the paperwork ensuring that everyone involved signs in all the correct places and that the dates are in the correct order. In addition, our agent can act as your Certificate Provider and signature witness. If any attorneys are unable to attend, we arrange to get their signatures via the postal service.

When the documents are complete, they are sent to our office for a final check before we forward them to the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) so the verification process can begin.

Should any queries arise during that process we liaise with the OPG on your behalf. When the documents have completed verification and have been registered, we post them to you for safe keeping.

Our Home Visit LPA service is probably the most reliable way to ensure that your wishes regarding property, finance, health and care are set out and implemented in the way you wish. Our service does not constitute legal advice. Our consultants are all experienced in the procedures around the signing of legal documents on behalf of solicitors and other public servants.

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