Lasting Power of Attorney Guidance: Why LPA Now?

You might be considering writing your own LPA, but it’s important to know that there’s a lot to think about to make sure the personal information you include is technically correct. It’s important that you don’t miss anything out, and that your application isn’t rejected.

This is where LPA Now can help. We can be your lasting power of attorney guide through this important process. We will carefully assist you through the process and explain the technicalities to you, to ensure you don’t just get your LPA right, but that it’s right for you.

1 in 7 of all LPA applications are considered imperfect for registration


Creating your LPA involves making some crucial decisions about your future. It’s quite possible that those decisions may not be called upon for many years. The thought of losing the mental capacity to manage your affairs is not pleasant. But it’s important that these matters are talked through and weighed up carefully, before your capacity to make a decision becomes impaired.

It’s important to help prepare you and your family members in the best possible way for potentially transferring the power to make decisions on your behalf. Giving your attorneys the power to manage your health and care as well as your property and financial affairs shouldn’t be dispensed with as a simple box-ticking exercise at the last possible moment.

An LPA Now consultant can make the difference between you creating an LPA that’s right for you and your family, or quickly clicking through an online form without really thinking about the decisions that matter. Our knowledge and expertise, alongside our experience of how people make their life choices, will help ensure your LPA provides the protection you need.

How we can help?

Home visit

We can talk through making your LPA with you and your family in your own home.

From £245


We take your details over the phone then bring the documents to you for signing.

From £195

Over the phone

One of our experts can create your LPA with you over the phone.

From £95

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